Friday, July 27, 2007

Play day cancelled!

My play day was cancelled today, Craig was due to go on his fortnightly trainning course but when he got there it was cancelled! So no play for me as he can't stick the mess on a mass scale that I was going to create! I have worked on school policy documents instead for the forthcoming inspection, boring! Here is something I have been playing with this week for my colour unit:It is another woven pice for my sample book, this time in purple and yellow, complementaries. The colour is a little washed out as I took the photo outside, it is much stronger in reality. I am going to do a blue and orange and then look at other techniques for the harmonious.
I tried a piece of tulle on this one, to explore the effect of sheers on colour further. Never mind Tuesday might be a goer for a playday as Ellie is in nursery again for a leaving party for a member of staff and Craig should be in work!
Can i thank everybody for their comments here over the past few weeks, i can't tell you how much the feedback means to me, you are a very generous bunch and I am very grateful!


Dianne said...

Good luck for Thursay - hopefully the day will be all yours to play. Really like this piece and the yellow makes such a great contrast!

Jacquelines blog said...

This is great Carol, I am ver curious how you finish it.

StegArt said...

Lovely. Lots of wonderful textures and design to keep the eye moving.

Purple Missus said...

Love it Carol and the blue and orange should look great. Indigo Blue and Rust Orange go very well together. Hope you manage to have your playday on Tuesday.