Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I have been playing with a technique that my girls on the C+G had relayed to me from a workshop they did with Angie Hughes
They did it while I was at work - poo I hate work! Basically you weave strips of fabric, print on and then cover with organza and free machine. then you zap back bits etc. Check out her blog on the link above, she has made a book wrap. I am trialling this as a postcard for Lynda
in preparation for making another padfolio for Patsy. I am using the tea dyed fabric I dyed a few weeks ago.
I cut this lino block, it was nice revisiting lino and kinda fits with Carol's challenge to use something you haven't for a while. Although I have plans for some silk fusion soon, as i bought the kit and have never had time to do it yet!
While I was at it I started cutting myself an alphabet to use all the time and used the left overs to make little stamps.
All in all a productive evening.


Leanne Hurren said...

I'd say that was a VERY productive evening Carol - it's great when that happens isn't it? Really like the idea of lino alphabet but what a task! It takes me ages to carve the stuff. Also like the Angie Hughes technique - love her work!

Purple Missus said...

I wish I could get as much done in an evening! Your 'vintage' works are looking good.

Homeleightigger said...

You got an awful lot done in an evening - what time did you go to bed? The card looks very promising - look forward to seeing it before you post it to lucky Lynda. Val

Sara said...

it is very interesting to see the process!