Sunday, May 11, 2008

Aren't my friends clever?????

I thought i would share with you some of the talent in our group. These are fnished pieces, I am not going to show all the works in progress as we will be here al day!
This piece belongs to Deb and is her finished piece from the Angie Hughes workshop (Ashamed to say mine stil sits unstitched!) She chose Hundsenwasser(spelling ??? arg!) and isn't it just lovely. She sells her painted fabric online Here, so get your buts over and buy some if your a quilter in particular!!!
This piece is by Michelle, and is free machining into copper, extensively! Michelle is havng a hard time at the mo, so send her your good vibes.

These last two belong to Enid Davies, my lecturer and are both metal inclusions. This first one has lots of reclaimed metals and even plays a tune whe you wiggle it!
This one has copper mesh and a print on Plywood? I think. I love it don't you.
Well I thought I would share, they are lovely aren't they.
I am of in marking and commission land at the mo, I have a piece that has to be finished by the 23rd and I have a LOT left to do!


Purple Missus said...

You certainly are a talented group. These pieces are all sensational. I love Michelles work on the copper - look forward to seeing more of this.

Pat said...

What wonderful variety, each piece has something special about it.

verobirdie said...

Those pieces are beautiful and full of inspiration.
Congratulation to the whole group!

sharon young said...

How lucky you are to be part of a group with such a diverse range of talents. Congrats to you all.
Thanks for your comment on my Cardiff Bay post. I would loved to have done the metal workshop, but the w/e went by in a blur as it was, maybe next time.

Jan said...

fantastic pieces, thanks for sharing - please send my very best wishes to Michelle - thinking about her.