Sunday, May 25, 2008

Colour combo lottery

My group textile challenges has been having a series of lottery swaps, which have worked out to be challenging and fun. We started with a shape lottery and then this month we did a colour combination lottery. I pulled cerise and green. I decided to upload both pics, flash on and flash off to try and show you what i did and give a truer picture of it. Iused inks to colour up some curtain interlining, this has a fab to coat of a nice quality cotton. I then used the ink to colour up some nice petals tat I comandeered from some hair bobbles. I stitched in cotton perle and then went to work with the metallic and pearl gel pens. I am really enjoying the drawn work at the mo taking influence from Dj Pettit, Kelly Rae, Sharon at Norah's blog etc. Loved doing this and it is now on it's way to Zoe.


Jan said...

flora and fauna is domineering your work at the moment - it's gorgeous.
love Jx

Doreen G said...

Another wonderful postcard Carol.

Purple Missus said...

Flash on or off, the colours look great in both. You're certainly pulling out all the stops in your textile work at the moment. Keep it up. :)

Pat said...

That is what I was going to say!!!
I love the background.