Sunday, May 04, 2008

Design - colour

This terms unit for C+G is colour and for design we have been looking at colour and the effect of colour on one and other. I chose lime, Pink, turquiose and purple as my colours as this unit is going to be for Ellie, i am going to illustrate a book for her! So in this first pic we were looking at which colours look best next to each other, or on a background of....
Can you see how different they look on white and then on black, mad innit!!
We then used the Fibonacci (spelling may be dire here!!!) series, you know the rules of number e.g. 1,1,2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21.... etc.We measured strips and slots in these sizes and then wove them together. Again look at the difference between white and black background.
We then used paint to look at how many colour we could mix from a limited pallette. I chose pink purple and turquoise. Then pink purple turquoise red yellow and blue. Mad how many lovely colours you can make from these hey!
Finally one of the first home works of this term was to make flags, banners or bunting (our overall theme is entertainment and Enid thought that there are always some sort of flags etc at entertainment things!). In this you had to show our understanding of harmonious, triadic, tetradic, complementary, analagous, monochromatic colour schemes. I really enjoyed this, and i made some lovely girly bunting from magazine papers.
Fun with colour, I really am having fun with this.


MargaretR said...

I love the colours you have chosen Carol. Wish I was doing this course woth you!
Blwyddyn wedi mynd mor fuan!

Papoosue said...

Oh Carol, you have been busy. Just catching up with your blog again and, as ever, it's all looking wonderful. You have done a good job with your students - I love the dresses, especially that lovely red one at the top - yum! Oh Fibonacci - reminds me I did a little quilt sample for my P&Q city and guilds part 1 years ago - it was a nightmare to piece!

Lovely catching up again. xxxx

Julie said...

I love the bunting, it's great and very imaginative!

Jan said...

such a brilliant,creative exercise and so useful.
love little poppet in the background!

Purple Missus said...

I always enjoyed the colour theory part of the C&G - unfortunately it goes out the window when I actually get around to making anything which is why I like black,white & red so much I suppose :)