Friday, May 30, 2008

New canvas

Here is where I am with a new canvas. I am loving useing a combination of bought collage papers and magazine cut outs, I have been tearing up old bridal magazines at a rate of knots. This is another birdy, to be. All thishas got me finally! thinking about Sharon's TIF for this month. What do I call myself? Teacher? Textile artist? Embroiderer? Artist? I think I am going to go with artist (in general). Not many of you will know how i got to this stage of things, I have been on a very wandering journey. I started out in school wanting to be a fashion designer, and so I took textiles and scraped a C at GCSE (Cue my kids to laugh their heads off!) and then I was not able to take it at A level so I up and moved school. This was a very big deal as I was in a welsh speaking school up until this point. I only got an E in textiles A level, needless to say I hated the new school.
I went on to a foundation course in art and design and got engaged to a lovely boy, I was going to settle down and live near home. My ceramics lecturer saved me from this by filing in my UCAS form for me, so of I went to do Ceramics for my BA hons. Engagement in my wake and a fair bit of difficulty I got my BA and then didn't know what to do with it, and long story short went on to teach. I then regained my love of textiles, and know now that textiles is my medium, and drug of choice! Mainly due to it's versitility.
However, working on these canvases has reminded me that I like to draw and paint, and have a fair eye for it. There for I call myself an artist.


Sandy said...

That's what makes you such a good teacher. You've gone through a lot of challenges to find yourself.

Purple Missus said...

So did you marry the lovely boy you got engaged to?
Have you got any photos of your degree exhibition to share - or will everyone be shocked at the subject *LOL*

Gail P said...

Lovely piece! And thanks so much for sharing how you got to where you are now which I think is a grand place!

fiona d said...

your story is very interesting, I'm glad you rediscovered your love of textiles! the collage is looking very good