Tuesday, May 06, 2008

WIPS - and oh so many

My list goes on and on, I currently have on my WIPS pile:
Katie (SIL) canvas
Shape lottery ATC- Jigsaw shape
A Bag for me
A bag for a trade
and the rest of my list for May goes on!
I have been commissioned!!! By a girl at my work to make a pearl wedding anniversary albumfor her Mum and Dad. So I made a start. She saw my bookwrap from long ago and wants someting similar, so I wove strips of duchess satin and cotton and some lace. I then printed some images including using some new letter stamps I got for £6.99! It is tacked and ready to FME now.

I have also made a start on the nature inspired bag that I owe for a swap on unlimited textiles. It's theme is nature inspired. It is one of my customery double ups and is therefore a mono print.
This is a WIP for me, a book bag for me for school. I have worked into this further and I will show you at a later date.
The last thingis how to tell me from my sister Sian - I don't climb! She quite blatantly does!!!! (Note all the others are kids! She just turned 25!)
Anyway off to mark all those lovely dresses so I can have time to sew myself and minimise the WIP's list!


Purple Missus said...

Well done on your commission - the bookwrap is looking superb already.
I'd love to see you up there alongside your sister *LOL*

MargaretR said...

Great news about the commission Carol. Dangos fod pobol yn hoffi dy waith!