Thursday, May 22, 2008


More progress on 2 pieces. I finally edges the mono prints this week, with a lovely vintage flowers fabric that I found in the rumage bin in school. I think it goes well. I have enought to use for the lining and the strap too. I added sequins, to fill some of the gap in the print. I used some cerise ink cirlces and some green and irridecent flowers too.
Next if you remember was the canvas I have been working on using Kelly Rae Roberts tutorial from CPS. I couldn't decide what to draw if you remember and so I played tonight drawing a bird ornament we have in the down stairs loo. Here are my sketchbook drawings and then me whiting out using a mix of cream emulsion and white acrylic, nearly as good as Gesso.
And this is what I came up with. I need a little peace in my life at the mo, and this is probably a subconcious cry for it. I didn't think that I was drawing a kinda lorrel leaf, but hey here it is.
I drew the outline of the bird with a charcoal pencil as per Kelly rae's instructions and then used a felt pen and finally a pearlise gel pen to highlight the leaves. As a first attempt and a bit of a departure in style for me I think it turned out well. I managed to buy 5 A4 ish sized canvases for a £1 each this week and so I plan to play with them and this technique further.
Love the highlighting showing in this photo.


Ruth said...

I like your bird painting. It's a very nice combination of colors. Well done!

Mom2fur said...

The bird is so sweet! He looks like a little baby dove--perfect for someone looking for peace in her life! Hope he brings you some.
You do very beautiful work!

Purple Missus said...

Love the bird drawings in your sketchbook - pieces of art in their own right.
And the canvas is fantastic. Looks good from all angles. Well done you. Its brilliant.