Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Here is my progress on the canvas. I used a rubber roller (brayer to use in the US!) to put on 2 colours of acrylic in one go. This is a lovely technique as you get such lovely serendipidous marks. I then wiped away to reveal the collage papers beneth. Unfortunately this is where I am at a standstill. I think I don't know what to paint! I thought of doing flowers and I am on that Vibe at the mo, so it may well be. Kelly Rae Roberts who's tutorial I am following in CPS paints ladies, but this canvas it only about 4 inch square and I haven't the room for a person. I will think on, I think I am unsure about the colours to use to be honest!
Side view!
Here is the progress on my Mono printing for the challenge on Textiles challenges, my group, I set the challenge of mono printing, but then taking this further and making something, anything! I am making a bag, although it doesn't look like it at the mo!

Under my children's illustration theme I did the stitching all in black. I will be able to show you more progress on this soon as I am working on it right now!
To close a piccy of my darling girl, on her 5th birthday. Bought many a thing, including a rather expensive big girl bike, but choosing on her birthday to only play with a £3 tesco bubble gun! Don't you love em!
Have had a pants day in work today and have feeling a bit blue in general after some bad feeling arose online of late. This has been a frustrating few weeks, so the holidays next week can't come soon enough, I am hoping to garden, go to the beach and maybe camp for the first time with an excited 5 year old! ( + an even more exited 35 year old hubby!) Hope your all having a better time of it than me!


Paula Hewitt said...

hope you cheer up soon (there seems to be a bit the blues around at the moment)- enjoy your holidays -i hope you all enjoy camping (I always look forward to camping and am really cranky by the end of it)- doesnt that make you look forward to it!

Doreen G said...

Look on the bright side Carol---"things can only get better can't they"
Enjoy your time away and come back all perky.

Carol said...

Hope your feeling brighter Carol, loving the progress of the canvas.

Purple Missus said...

Hope you're feeling better now Carol - I'm sure Sis and the wine will have done the trick.
Typical child - leave the expensive toy and play with the box *LOL*
I've been reading your blog back to front so have seen how the bag and canvas turn out :)