Thursday, May 29, 2008

More layering

Last night and today I sarted work on my resolved piece for design for my colour unit. I know I have told you about my children's illustrationidea, but I don't know if I told you that the resolved piece will be a book, illustrated by me, but completely 100% written by Ellie, my 5 year old. I made her a concertina book and she has drawn, and I wrote what I was told down! He stoy is about Princess Vicky and her garden, a monster and a magic key! I started storyboarding it so I have a plan of what i am going to do on each page. I bought a board book at the charity shop yesterday and this has 12 pages, icluding the front and back cover.

Here is the cover starting to come together...
And here it is painted. This is pink and turquoise but the pink is very dark, looks red in the pics.
Finally here is a canvas I am working on too, I decided to use a magazine pic that i love from a bridal mag to try and get a less vacant look on her face than in the last one I did, lets hope I succeed.
What do we think of these girls? Am I going in the right direction? I don't know why but I am not motivated by fabric at the mo.... I know I know sacrilidge! I am sure I just need a break after all the GCSE hoopla! Thankully that is over now, and the moderator, she say yes!!!!
I would love to see what your opinions are on this work?


Carol said...

what a fabulous collaboration between you and Ellie, something for her to treasure foe ever

SianaBanana said...

I think her aunty vicky will be happy that she is a princess!!

Purple Missus said...

No question about it - you are definitely going in the right direction. These canvasses have really motivated you and that can only be a good thing. Just keep going with it and see where it takes you.