Friday, May 30, 2008

May arch and postcard by the skin of my teeth!

Well by the skin of my teeth I managed to complete my arch for Mags and my postcard for the calendar girls swap. My arch for Mags was to be on egyptian theme, so I have done a few of these and I didn't want to repeat myself. I have always gone for a tomb wall sorta pale before and I wanted to avoid this. I looked at cartouche and found that lots of them are turquoise, now you know I don't need much of a nudge there! I coloured up some cotton with acrylic and then thought about a cartouche, now the internet is a wonderful thing, I found a site that told me how to write Mags name in Egyptian. So I embossed it into a piece of puree tube and added wire mesh, in brass. I then hand stitched and beaded the binding. I love how this turned out, it was fab to work on.

Close up of the cartouche.
The next piece is a card for the calendar girls swap, I used some recycled card from Ellie's birthday gift bags and then I did the collage and acrylics thing as I have been playing with it. For the focal I managed to nab a daisy from Ellie's giftwrap and stitched this down, added FME and the phrase from the calendar. I realy iked this one and thought it was a must, it reads "Friends leave footprints on your soul". I am really pleased how this turned out even if there is minimal stitch and no fabric!

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Julie said...

I love the idea of writing the name in hieroglyphics. It's very effective.

The Calender Girls card looks great. :)