Saturday, May 10, 2008

What I did today!

Today I went to my usual monthy workshop with Fibrepaper arts the group that the girls at my college have set up. Our lecturer from College Enid Davies, was taking the workshop on metals. I decided on doing a sampler type thing for my C+G and it fitted well with my grid
theme too. I decided to use some washers that I painted with blue irridecent nail polish ( although it doesn't show well in te pic!) I luckily had packed the painted wallpaper too!

I decided to make it look like it was going from newer metal up to corroded metal at the top. I punched with the setter tool, I used gesso and acrylic, I annealed, I used some kitchen foil paper, used slat, vinegar and amonia solution and my fave of the whole day annealed copper mesh over printed with acrylic that was LUSH! A great day, thanks Enid, I learnt masses!

Now for exciting ness! The girls, Chris and Sandra, invited me to do a workshop!!! A mixed media one in December! How fab is that, and true to my usual form when they sid how would you like a mixed media workshop in December I said...... Ye, who's doing it....and they said......YOU! What a fool! I am chuffed tough and I have my thinking cap on now!


Jan said...

Fantastic news, (wish i lived nearer) This is great work with some amazing samples as a reminder.

Purple Missus said...

Your sampler certainly does look lush, you must be very pleased with it. What a treat the other girls have in store when you do the workshop in December - wish I lived nearer too :))

ANNA said...

This is just lush! What a wonderful piece of work! My fav colours