Saturday, May 31, 2008

More canvas

WEll if your not bored with them already here is the latest in my series of canvases. This one is built over a magazine cut out and I have to say I love it and hate it all in one! I love the flowers and the background and the hair, but the face needs work and I am going back to this tomorrow as I have painted mysef out I think! It is too flat and the lips, what's going on there! They are far too dark and large. I am going to call her "Lacey" Since the word lace is in there!
Then this is the "Little birdy". Again I am happy with these, I think they are turning out really well, nd I can feel the need to start an Etsy shop soon. I would just like to earn some pin money to cover the amount of materials I consume, then I wouldn't feel so guilty! Well am off to have a cuppa before bed in an Ellie free house, she has gone to Mum's tonight so longgggg lie in in order for tomorrow!

1 comment:

morningDove said...

she looks deep in thought. I just bought a ceramic dove at a store yesterday and I love it. can't stop looking at it.
your bird collage is wonderful. I absolutely love it. Great story on how you became an artist.