Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well, more industry

I thought I would show you the other things I have been onto this week. Firstly I have been fed up with carrying my sketch book to college in a folio and the handle cutting my fingers so I made this bag. I realised after that it is a lovely piece of devore that was in the store room in school.
Then I thought, how about one to carry the folders that the kids use for their course work, I have to carry them home to mark and so I can fit 6-8 in here now, if I can carry that weight!
Then I made this bag, I made it for a swap but I can't bear to part with it, and so I am going to keep it. I love it!
Here the back.
and the detail of the front with dandelions!
I finally finished the commission. It was for a Pearl wedding anniversary album for Kate who works with me, for her parents. I wove the background and printed and then added organza and FME'd over the top. I normally burn back and this time I decided that it was better leaving it as it is.
I added foil pearls and mother of pearl buttons and of course pearl beads.

I decided that it needed a focal point and so I added a padded heart and beaded over and around this. I love this it turned out so well. I used a piece of foam board to build on and it has made it very crisp. I wanted to say thanks to Sue Bleweiss as she has given me some great advice in working this piece. I decided to line it off in the end Sue, I think Kate will prefer the cleaner lines! Thanks again Sue.
Finally, the closing gambit,One happy lady! We got her bike today and of course she had to have a go on it. She is being closely guarded by my Mum! See that happy face! We were in bits as she is barely strong enough to push the pedals round going up the street, she didn't half give us a laugh!!!!


Jan said...

such wonderful stuff, your bags are fab and the commission is just beautiful. pearls from a pearl.
I wonder how long little miss will need the stabalisers??????
love Jx

Sue B said...

I can see why you don't want to part with that bag, I wouldn't want to give that one up either. The album is fabulous!

sharon young said...

Wow! you have been busy, Carol, I'm not surprised you don't want to swap your bag it's lovely.
So is the commission piece, a perfect choice for their Pearl anniversary.
Many thanks for the link to Traci Bautista, but she has so much stuff on line I couldn't find her wallpaper work.

Julie said...

Lovely Bags, Carol, no wonder you wanted to keep that one, it's gorgeous. Your Pearl anniversary piece is beautiful, I love the stitching and the padded heart.

Purple Missus said...

The bags are all fabulous and no wonder you want to keep that one - I would too :)
The album is superb. Kates parents will treasure it. I can see this will be the first in a long line of commissions for you. You've done a great job.