Thursday, July 10, 2008

Absence note, treats and sketchbooks

In true teacher form I am going to get in my absence note first! I am so sorry that I haven't been around much of late, i am feeling very ignorant and rude as I have recieved a blog award from Trisha and haven't acknowledged it yet. I will do when I get 5 Trisha I promise and I am very flattered. The reason I have been away in the depths is that after my interview and success with the Deputy Head of Faculty job, my boss got a promotion and so argggg, I have another interview tomorrow for the Head of faculty job. Now I KNOW I am not going to get it, but it is worth a try! The other man in our Department has been a manager on the pastoral side for a while and so will certainly get it but I have to show willing. So think of me just before lunch being put through the mill again!

Now I have some photo's of my pieces at the exhibition, not on mirror this time.

Turned out well I think, I am pleased with it!

Now for my TREAT - Look what I won! I got this amazing rint and a fridge magnet from the gorgeous Paulette Insall, her darling son picked my name from a rather over brimming bowl! I love her, isn't she lovey!
I have been trying real hard to finish my skethbooks and samples for C+G level 2 before I start the level 4. I have been surfing looking at how others deal with their sketchbooks and thought I would show mine to all those who find this part hard, so you have something to give ou an idea of how I do it. This is from my Industry unit.

Paper cuts
Design ideas for the cuff.
Well hope you enjoyed and there is only a week and 3 days of our term left so past then I will be getting STUCK into textiles work!


hippopip said...

Hope the interview went well the cuff is superb and the sketchbook piece that went with it great,I am just doing sketchbooks with Sharon Boggons at Joggles and it is very informative enjoy the hols.

Angelcat said...

Good luck for the interview. Thanks for sharing your sketchbook. I'm hoping to take part in an exhibition later this year and the group wants to display sketchbooks as part of this. This is very scarey for me as I've never worked using a skecthbook before!

Julie said...

Thank you for the glimpse into your sketchbook - I love looking at other people's sketchbooks :) I'm doing Sharon's course too (altho I'm woefully behind) so I hope I can make a good job of my sketchbook too.

Sandy said...

Good luck in the interview. You might be surprised. The bracelet did turn out nicely. The sketchbook pages are wonderful.

Doreen G said...

Great cuff Carol and the sketchbook is wonderful--good luck with the interview as well

Carol said...

I hope your interview went well Carol. I love your exhibition pieces.

Genie said...

Lovely work and good luck

Purple Missus said...

Fabulous blog post - all that lovely work of yours, really good to look at.
Lucky you wining that piece of art.