Sunday, July 20, 2008

Soul journal

Here is the start of my soul journal - I am picking up on the challenge over with Sarah. I showed you the preped and journalled pages yesterday and today I have moved on at a pace. I claimed my first page. This meant writing this book belongs to... and then using my name to create the design.
This was very self indulgent, but in a good way and made me nostalgic for atime when we had to write our names al over everything, my school books looked like a less artistic version of this, and then I got a little bit sad not to have been using my real name, my maiden name of Mace instead of Taylor!
On the next age we were to gather our Souls armour, the things that ward off all the difficulties we encounter. Man this is powerful stuff, I haven't really thought like this before, us Brit's and the stiff upper lip and that! Here is a close up of a bit I really like.
I used metallic colouring pencils, a black matte marker and metallic gel pens to do the armour page. Included in my armour are - Kindness, trust, honesty, friendship, love, patience, self belief, creativity, poise, counting to 10, diplomacy, family and truth. I also decided as this was a cheap address book I am working in I would cut off the edges of the pages and so I am going to have different shaped page edges.
On the next page we were given a kind of scavanger hunt I challenged myslef to only use one magazine. I am also well guilty o not being able to choose, so i have more than one pic for some.
Top Row : A butterfly, a pattern, something red, a number, a pattern, something I own (flip flops) and the letter R.
2nd row: Something that smells nice, a smile, an A, something that tastes nice ( a pear) a leaf, an eye, something I want (a mega diamond)
3rd row : a bird, a pattern, a chair, something beautiful ( a piece of amazing jewellery with mega beads), something comfortable, something exotic (shells and starfish), and a colour I love turquoise +orange.
Bottom row : The letter T, a flower, a hand, a circle, something blue, Something exotic, A colour I love (turquoise)

The background of the page is washed with acrylic, this acrylic is then scrubbed immediately with paper towels to give a great sheen. I used a metallic acrylic.Love this spread. Next is a big journalling piece, to cover the whole 2 pages in small text and then use metallic tape. Well they say the sun always shines on the ritious and from having no tape this morning a qick trip to b+Q yielded electrical tape, and foil tape in the bargain bin, and then in LIDL on sale aluminium tape, so yey! I will be onto it tomorrow!


cmoh said...

oh I love your magazine inchie page! I think that the extra's you selected made a big impact! I like how they go down the seam of your journal makes it not look broken up and seperated...very neat!

Christy said...

I am loving your edges. I guess using an address book gave you some artistic license others may not feel as comfortable with. The effort has really paid off with these lovely pages!

Miss Oddity said...

The shaped edges are fantastic ... I'm stealing that idea :-)

Doreen G said...

Looks good to me Carol

Sandy said...

This looks like fun. Something else to try.

Julie said...

This is looking great Carol and I love the page edges too. Can I squeeze this into my schedule too? I think it will be an interesting and revealing journey.

MargaretR said...

Carol Margaret? Tina Taylor! A finna'n meddwl fod gen i hen enw hen fashwn. :))

Jane B. said...

Hi Carol - lovely to meet a fellow Welsh woman - albeit mine is family heritage, not the real deal as you are! My Nan and Mum are Welsh; I live in the US, but reading your post reminds me of how small the world really is via the beautiful community of like minded souls on the internet and in Sarah's world of soul journaling. keep up the great work!