Sunday, July 27, 2008

Paper people - soul jounal

Here are the start of my paper people to go inside my house in the Soul journal. Sarah has done hers as litte movable things with brads, but I decided that I would do mine like those paper dolls you cut out on mass. I had to change this a tad as Ellie would ave been the same size as Craig and me. I decided too to write some words that describe us well, thigs like create for me and thoughtful for Craig, I also chose bubbly and energetic, along with stroppy or Ellie. I haven't finished these yet, they need more detail and then cutting out, I will probably finish them tomorrow.
I wondered where people get their text to go in their journals, is it scavenger hunting in the charity shops, and car boot sales, or can you buy/ print them off????? This goes for any text based backgrounds? I would like to find more hand written backgrounds?

I have worked on other things today too, including working on an exquisit corpse which I am dying to show ou as I think it turned out real well..... but I can't so you'l have to wait!


Sarah Whitmire said...

OH My GOSH! Your dolls are SOO cute! I love how they are all connected! Great idea. Adorable family.



cmoh said...

oh I can't wait to get back to my journal...your family is just fabulous! I'll be peeking in every now and then until I get back from vacation...

Great Great Great Soul Journal!

Jacky said...

What a great idea.... love how you have done your paper dolls connected!!! Plus, personalising them with your text is a great idea.

Great journal!

Linda said...

These are amazing Carol - you have thought really carefully about them. Look forward to seeing them finished.
Linda x