Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Inches page revisited

Sarah's next journal lesson was to revisit a page we had already completed and not to be afraid of this. I decided that my page didn't need more paint as Sarah had done to hers, this was because I didn't want to over shadow the word i had written any more thanI had already done.
So Sarah then gave us a ist of things to do, again I cheated! Why can I not stick to rules????? The list given was :
  • Describe 8 pictures
  • Circle 1
  • draw messy squares around 4
  • draw a dotted line around 2
  • draw a stitch line round one.

I added 1 more stitch line on the left hand page as I felt this one was a little too unbalanced.

I can't wait or the next installment!


Christy said...

Your page looks great. I so blew the rules for day 10 so don't feel bad :)

arlee said...

Rules, schmules-----aren't they guidelines and isn't it your art? I like it.

Jane B. said...

I agree with Arlee, they're more guidelines. Your art is beautiful just as you make it - because it's the real expression of you!

grrl+dog said...

mmm.. it is balanced...You have an eye for it... grids are sooo much fun.