Saturday, July 05, 2008

My arch for Pam

Here is my arch for Pam, a little belated as it should have been for July. She asked for relics as her theme, so I searched the Museum of Wales for ancient treasures. The circles and 2 slashes came from the hilt of a dagger and the spiral shapes are from Cup and ring markings in stone. I used inspiration from Lynda's WOW tutorial. I foiled a piece of felt and embellished it with organza over the top. I embellished heavily from the back to get the buff colour of the felt coming through to make it look older and more corroded etc. I used the soldering iron to cut away the cirlcesand the slashes and piece the holes.
I loosey gathered up osme silk but didn't do this very acurately. I love how this has turned out.
I free machined the cup and ring shapes and added a tassle and beaded edging. I am peased with it, just hope Pam is now!
I forgot to ask, so have come back to add this. I may have accidentally signed up for the level 4 in stitched textiles! I was wondering if anyone has done it and how hard it is! I know it is going to be hard and with the new job, even worse. But in Wales trainging is substadised, also school will pay, plus I would be able to teac C+G at the end and Enid is letting me skip level 3 since I don't want to do the history part, and Enid is due to leave at the end of this course. So many ticks in the box I couldn't turn it down. Any advice you can ofer would be greatly recieved!


Jan said...

Considering the hundreds of balls that you have already managed to juggle throughout your busy life I think this will be a 'piece of cake' - go for it, you've everything to gain.
This arch is so good Carol,I'm envious of Pam.
love Jan x

arlee said...

TAKE IT!!!!!! TAKE IT!!! TAKE IT!!! I'd jump at the chance!

That arch is spectacular!!!!

Purple Missus said...

As you know, I totally agree with Arlee and Jan - just go for it, you know you can do it. :)
Lucky Pam, this arch is splendid.
The exhbition looks wonderful too - very talented students. I should imagine you got some really good feedback.

Papoosue said...

Hi there! Long time no 'see.' I think you should do it too ;-) Just catching up with your blog again - belated congratulations on your promotion by the way - well done you! I love the photos of the student's (and your) work and I do love that festival blanket - very inspirational colours.

The arch is just beautiful - and it's funny because I was just thinking about cup and ring markings the other day - there is a place called Kilmartin up here which is a good place to see them. But I could never interpret them the way you've done here - just wonderful! xxx

Carrie said...

wow - your arch is absolutely amazing - so much texture and detail, its so beautiful to look at.

corryna said...

I really love your arch. It is so well done. I am amazed by the accuracy of this little piece.