Friday, July 11, 2008

No joy!

No joy with the job today! But never mind the better man one. The Head said really ovely things about my interview and siad that I made the decision very hard which they didn't think that it would be. (My new boss is a highly experienced member of staff so me making them think twice is massive!!!!). I have learnt a lot from today, I went in with no illusions, and really thought I didn't stand a chance, and it made me realy confident, I didn't over analyse, I just spoke from the heart and I knew all the answers!!!!
Anyway enough job talk.
I couldn't leave this post without a pic. Here is a lovely design task we did at college this term. We used slides, yes you remember slides, the ones that go in projectors. We used cellophane and sequins and lots of other see through things, and brusho powder to colour them. Then we projected them and photographed the projection. Fun ha!


Doreen G said...

Not to worry Carol-you gave it your best shot--your turn will come.

Julie said...

Well done Carol for having a great interview. The experience will give you confidence for future job interviews.

Wow! What a great idea with the transparencies!

Sandy said...

See, you did do a good interview and made their decision difficult.

zanygrey said...

I'm very happy to have helped Sian, she really did a great job. Your items are very good also. Of course I'm very jealous because you can use a sewing machine....I have a brand new one still in the original box, and it's "stalking" me: I can do all sorts of fiber art, but machine sewing....I run in terror. Glad you have the red and grey cuff, it's my favorite.


Purple Missus said...

Your day will come and when it does they will have no hesitation in choosing you. :)
Lets hope you can learn a lot from your new boss.

hippopip said...

Now thats what I call an inspiring journal, thanks for your comment, and well done for the great interview.