Sunday, July 13, 2008

More sketchbook

I am still beavering away on my industry sketchbook. I used the rubber roller to layer up turquoise and orange and used the circle hole punch and ,marker pen and gel pens. I collaged also.
This is a collaged and biro sheet looking at pattern. I was really disappointed though as I bought a white marker pen and was told it would write over my acrylic and it very much does not! Back to the drawing board!
Here is a close up on the top page. Love the colour combo.
Hope you have all had a good weekend. I went with my little sis yesterday and she bought a Janome 8077, she was so excited, can't wait to see what she makes with it, if her cuffs are anything to go by then, look out she will be rivalling me soon. Have a lovely week.


SianaBanana said...

Well i dont know about that carol!! Had a v long day, got back from Thorpe Park, and got straight on it, and just tried every stitch so i could see them all.

Will have to sort out some real stuff to make now !!

Genie said...

Love the colours

Hannah Katarski said...

Hey Carol,
well done on your interview. It's always worth giving it a go, cos you never know! and like you said, you learn something about yourself for the future.

I hate gel pens. rather, they hate me. i've tried to use them for collaging with no luck at all. have a white that has just totally given up on me, from trying to use it once. Go figure. Maybe they don't like left-handers. are you left-handed???

arlee said...

LOVE this series--on paper, on fabric---FABULOSU!!!!!!!!

Sandy said...

Nice sketchbook pages. I always like to see them.

Angelcat said...

Your pages look great, blue and orange is definately my all time favourite colour combination.

Laura said...

I haven't visited for quite a while as I'm really behind on blog-reading. Thought I'd just pop in to say that I like what you're doing. The exhibition looks great as well. Keep up the good work!

Purple Missus said...

This really is a wonderful colour combination you have come up with here. Love it.
Congrats on the gizmo - heard you shrieking in delight from here *LOL*