Friday, July 18, 2008

New bag and stunning pupils

I made a new bag this week in a squeezed out hour on the strike days. No kids were allowed in so I got 5 minutes to play. I found this amazing bit of fabric, a lovely upholstery weight and a great retro poppy on it, too good to end up as a sample so I made a bag. Here's one side.
and the other.
Now for my gorgeous pupils. It was prom night at Birchgrove yesterday and what a fab night it was. One of the staff made a great lip sync'd video to Don't stop me now by Queen and all the staff (sept me!!!!Ha!) danced and sang along, well I am hurting today from laughing so much. The other funny thing was seeing the girls trying to wedge each other in the toilet cubicle, and you can see why! Soooooooooooooo much fabric!
In a ilm I saw not so long ago there was a line that said.... "These girls are some of the most beautiful girls you will ever see up close" and they realy are, hard to think these are 16.
My man Kyle, who doesn't want me to blow this picture up too large or the rumours will get out!!!! He is a sweety, came to my room every child development lesson to blow me a kiss and ask if I was having a good day!
Now I know I am not supposed to.... but these are my two favourite girls, the most hard working and genuinely lovely girls i have ever come accross, Gemma on the left and Hannah on the right.
Our prom king and queen, Jamie and Natalie, Natalie's sister was prom queen too, 2 years ago so lovely for her!
Laura and Kyle again, don't they look like they just stepped off the red carpet! What a lovely night!


Julie said...

Lovely bag Carol and beautiful young people. They scrub up well don't they? Your outfit is lovely too, I like the fabric, very pretty.

MargaretR said...

It hardly seems yesterday since your last prom night Carol! I think you must have the most beautiful girls in Wales in your school and that young man is a real charmer.
Ti fawr hynach na nhw!