Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Get your cuppa now!

Right for the photo fest! Get your cuppa, sit back and enjoy the amazing work of the group of lifelong learning students at Gorseinon College, Swansea, Wales. As apposed to my last post this will not be a quicky! Now al good posts should begin with some eye candy, but Lesley took this literally! Here is her lovely box of choccies for the design element colour, this is for design not textiles. You have to click on it to have a look, zips, paper beads, rushed fabric etc all make up the choccies, good enough to eat!

It was so short on space Chris' parasol was hung up, all hand stitched daisies. Estyllt's medical hanging is there too the left too, both lovely!
Again for design these are a collaboration of the students work, mine is the flower. They were tiny little slides we made with cellophane and sequins and all sorts of other things, then photographed and manipulated, and printed onto acetate.

This was an awsome piece from a glass student, sorry if this is yours I don't know your name, but what a glorious piece of work. It is all bubbly, and of course a glass handbag - such fun!
Embroidery had a cross of hanging space - too small realy, but packed with gems!

and because I knew you would want to see the cactus! Again sorry don't know the artist's name she is not in my class.
The next part, mine are here. Love Robi's slashed and rusty looking bolsters! and Paulines hanging on the far right.

This is Sue's festival blanket, got to love the colours! Sue is doing level 3
Now to mine My sketch book with my tonal piece, hlaf photocopy half drawing in pencil.

My book at the back for industry.
The cover of Chris'? book I think!
Another section of the display. My bookwrap on the plinth with the lamp. Love Lesley's on the left again, on the coal industry, all layers of organza and machine stitch. Sandra's is the lord's prayer in welsh and english, every letter stitched, cut and reassembled. The piece hanging from the twig is Grace's and it is a piece of fabric based on bark, it has the word texture on it, it is crunch and yummy!
I don't know any of these works except Sue's festival blanket.

My metal and industry!

My paper quilt for true colours
My slide
My design pieces for 3D form, based on the life of a welsh miners wife.
My canvases for Ellie's illustration

Hope you enjoyed seeing these pieces, it was fun!


Cathy W said...

Wonderful -- simply wonderful!
Thanks for sharing and congrats on such a fabulous body of work, yours and the others too. Wish I could really be there to see it!

Doreen G said...

wow- wow-wow- well done Carol I just love your work(and the others)
congratulations on a job well done.

Sandy said...

Nice Show. Your work is certainly good.

Hannah Katarski said...

Hi Carol!
Well done!! So much eye candy - it looks amazing. Well done also on your recent promotion!!

I have just started using the luggage tags that you sent me about a year ago!! Thanks again - will post some pics soon on my blog so you can check it out.

Is it almost happy holidays for you?

Ati. Norway. said...

Thanks Carol for all this eyecandy!

Jan said...

It's all been said Carol, but one more WOW. You Welsh girls sure know how to do exhibition. What a fabulous eclectic mix. I loved it all from the ecclesiastical to the little davy lamp but your dolly clothes peg piece really summed up the Welsh mam's life wonerfully.
Thanks for taking the time.
love J x

Judy Scott said...

Absolutley wonderful!
Amazing work all of it you should all be so proud ~ is this just a years work?

Julie said...

So much wonderful work here Carol. Thank you for taking the time to share it all. You all deserve congratulations!