Saturday, July 19, 2008

Arch for Arleeand a journal start

End of term is but 4 days away and so I am getting in the art mood! I have completed Arlee's arch ...... I think? I found some diods earlier left over from a school project and knowing Aree's love of found items they may just have to be added. But essentially it is done. I gathered up some silk and used my embellished felt again. I added a piece of painted embossed wall paper and added a felt barouque cross/flower.
I addedbuttons and a hand made tassell too. The top of the arch, is a little hard to see but is a piece of my embossed aluminium, using the impress machine. I know Arlee was having gadget envy but she will drool when she sees it in the flesh!
I read on Jo's blog that Sarah Whitmire of Caspiana blog was completing a soul journal. Now I have been interested in journalling for a while, but couldn't seem to go ahead on my own. Sarah's prompts are fab, so inspirational so I made a start. I bought an address book today in the pound shop for .... yep a £1 and proceeded to stick lots of the pages together so I have thicker pages and about 14 pages in total. I followed Sarah's instructions on using a text background, I didn't have an old dictionary or yelow pages so I got some text from a bridal magazine, I find they have amazing colour and lovely layouts. I found a piece that had both WALES and SWANSEA in it so those are the highlighted squares/ cirlces. I just wrote for 3 minutes, which was suprisingly easy, I was shocked.

Next comes Gesso and the design part. I am loving it! Thanks Sarah, I am going to learn lots about journalling but maybe about me too!


arlee said...

ooooh you ARE a wicked girl using your "impressive" materials! :} LOVE it and Thanks, Blossom!!

Christy said...

Your journal is looking good. Fun to see your last line on the first spread is I am happy. How nice is that? Someone who is happy and not afraid to admit it.
Oh and that silk, the gathering, just lovely!

ANNA said...

Hi Carol - I too have had a go at Sarah's journalling. Whilst blog surfing and reading the next lesson of the course I am doing with Sharon B - Studio Journalling I came across Sarah's blog and I am now looking for my armour!!

KathrynAntyr said...

I just joined this weekend and had a fun time catching up. I'm finally caught up. I've shared all of my steps along the way. Swing by try on my SOUL ARMOR.