Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A quick note before bed

I wanted to share today's journal task with you before I go off to bed. I am knackered as we have had sports day today and I have spent all day measuring the discus. Best throw of the day went to david Manca at 29m 35. I have a go and barely made 17 so not bad for a 14 year old!
Anyway i a aching tonight and a bit brain dead so it was lovely to work on my journal and be calm. I had to start by gessoing the page as I am working in a cheap address book that I have glued the pages together so there is about 12 or so pages in it now. Then we had to draw our home, now his didn't have to be literal but more te place we feel safe. I however love my little house and feel the security of it as it is the pace I have built my family, so I have have drawn my house fairly literally. We added a brown paper bag for the main part of the house, this is going to be a pocket. I than had to draw out the rest of the page as buildings that make you feel safe and secure. I chose to add a terrace house and a chapel, they remind me of home in the valleys. There was a time that there was a chapel on every street corner, most are closed of repurposed now but they really make me think of home. The stones around the doors and windows of the terrace houses are a strong feature of home for me too, in the Rhondda these are regularly painted a variety of colours making for a mega patchwork! Can't wait to see what we do with them now!


Doreen G said...

You seem to be getting so much out of this Carol--I have just had a peak at Sarah's blog and she is fantastic.

VirginiaW said...

Your house page looks great.Just love your inchies pages too..I boo booed on mine and did an extra stitching simply because I got carried away and I cut a circle (literally).LOL..

Christy said...

love your house and that you tried to make it closer to real than not. if i could draw lines that went in the proper direction without lots of slanting i would have liked to try making a more realistic version too. love your chapel and how sad to hear most of them are closed. i'm hoping your going to recreate some of that patchwork look now that the next day is to add color!

Mary S Hunt said...

All great homes begin with good "bones"...looks like yours has that too..