Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soul journal - 1 st in a set of spreads

Sarah started us off by showing us a good way of working with figures, we cur out a stencil from a magazine of a person in a good silouette. I only had bridal magazines in the house and found a great couture one with a fishtail and another leaning back. So I dry brushed the one on the left and sponged the one on he right. Then Sarah gave us a series of tasks, they were to:
Write a page of of descriptive adjuctives
Write a listusing your left ( in my case) hand.
Use a magazine stencil
Use tape
A wash of a colour you haven't used.
use a pencil
quick, fast marks without thinking.
Drip splatter paint in another colour not used before
Dry brush.

I just realised that I haven't done the drippng, so that I will have to add in the morning.
This had to be done not in the order, so this is stencils, writing, pencil, tape and marks.

Then this is with the wash.
and a bit more pen.
Pencil to enhance the page numbers.

I will add the drips of paint tomorrow! (PS did you see my let handed list! How bad is my writing+ backwards s!!!)


Virginia said...

Love it!!! How messy fun was that..Isn't the magazine stencil awesome..Mine didn't go too well.But I really enjoyed it..

Doreen G said...

I can't believe how much fun you are having here missy.

Christy said...

loving that fishtail dress silhouette. again loving your page edges and your tape circles.

Sandy said...

Interesting exercise. I'll bet you had fun.

Linda said...

Isn't this amazing stuff - I just love the way its turned out. I think we are all learning so much about techniques.