Monday, July 21, 2008

Next Soul journal spread and a pressie for a friend

Today I started the hardest page of my journal so far today. I had to journal the whole page with a biro in small writing. I didn't think I could fill 2 pages, but I did with ease! I am finding this very cathartic. The fact not even I am going to be able to read it at the end means I am being very open, it is mainly just day to day stuff but I feel free'd of it, which can only be good.

We then had to tape over the words with all sorts of different tapes. As I said yesterday someone or something was watching out for me as I found a ton of tape in the B+Q bargain bin, th holographic and the red were from there and the aluminium was from Lidl of all places. Here is my design. Some words can still be seen peeping out.

Then gesso was applied over, now I bought real gesso this time, but I am finding that it wirks so much like household emulsion I won't probably buy it again.

Next comes the acrylic wash. I decided to stick to red and black, not colours I often use but the idea of journalling is to try new things. I love how it looks.

This is the page after it is dry and i have rubbed back the surface with a brillo pad and wiped away with kitchen paper.
This one is with the flash on.

Today Sarah wants us to go back to the page previous with all the little squares, that may have to wait until tomorrow as it is getting late here.
Finally a friend in work came to me today having not been able to find a bag to match her turquoise shoes. So I helped her make a quick clutch. It was easy, with heat set crease polyester in a shot turquoise with black, and pelmet vilene I wiped up a clutch but it needed a focal and I didn't have the right beads and things in school. I used a strip and gathered it up inot a circle. I then added a shell bead and a load of beads and crystals. I made it like a pin so it can be moved around or used on another item, like a coat. I hope she likes it!
Thanks to all those lovely people who have left some really nice comments over the past week, I haven't been able to answer them all as there have been a lot of you with a no-reply address, you have to tick show my email address in your blogger profile for me to be able to answer you! Anyway thank, you are all very kind! Night night!


arlee said...

love the layering love the textures love the colors--oh heck i love the whole thing---

when i run out of gesso, i'm going back to regular old house paint too :}

cmoh said...

wow you had some fabulous tapes! And I love the warm reddish orangish tone you warm and cozy!

VirginiaW said...

Loving what your doing with your journal...

Jacky said...

Wow your tape page came out super...looks very industrial/chic and modern.
Great colours too and what a find all of those wonderful tapes. I know this is a technique I will use again so I am going to be collecting tape!!!

Christy said...

I am in love with your tape page :) The holographic tape now shows just a bit of sparkle here and there and combined with the flat paints and the metal tape and well I just love it!

Linda said...

You are doing a great job of your journal - every page is beautiful.
Everyone seems especially proud of their taped pages; isn't it amazing how they've turned out?
I'll be back soon to see how you're getting on.

Sandy said...

Your pages are wonderful.